The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women – Top 5 Supplements For Females

What best pre workout for womenis the best pre workout supplement for Women? This is a good question, and one that is asked more often than most people would think. Working out and maintaining a strong and healthy body is as popular with women now as it ever has been, if not more! My partner is a female that has always liked working out and keeping fit and over the years she has tried just about every pre gym drink for women on the market. Unfortunately for her, there aren’t that many pre workout mixes made specifically for ladies. Luckily for you she has eliminated the least effective supplement drinks (and also the worst tasting!) and helped me compile this list of what she thinks are the best 5 pre workout supplements for ladies. This list ranks the most effective and best tasting pre workout powders for women as judged by her. We have also tried to give a bit of background information and all the details that seem to be the most important to female gym junkies in order to make your decision about what type of training supplement to buy a lot easier. I mean, if you care about your body like we do and want to get the most from your workouts then I bet you aren’t interested in wasting your time or money on anything less than the best!

What Makes a Good Quality Women’s Pre-Workout Supplement?

Justbest pre workout for women like high quality men’s pre workouts, the best pre workout drinks for women are built on a foundation of several essential ingredients:

Beta-Alanine: Many women don’t like the short lived tingly feeling associated with Beta Alanine including my lovely partner. This is unfortunate as Beta-Alanine supplementation gives rise to a bevy of beautiful benefits for the gorgeous gym going girl that you are! The most notable of these is probably the way it increases time to exhaustion and muscular endurance which in turn helps to get the most from your workouts.

Some kind of stimulant/energy booster: Caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine. Unless you are someone that doesn’t like or tolerate caffeine too well, in which case you’ll want to check out our post on the best caffeine free women’s pre workout supplements. Not only does caffeine give you an energy boost, it also increases the amount of fat your body metabolizes for energy. Win-win! This is a great segue to the next key ingredient…

Fat burners: Caffeine is great for burning fat but as well as this there are a million and one other fat burning compounds on the market these days, and more are being discovered every day. As a product of modern society, a large number of women are looking to lose fat when they are working out. While many people (including the authors!) are actively campaigning to ‘bring back the curve’ one only has to look in a fitness magazine to see women with very low body fat percentages. As a result of this you will find some sort of fat burning compound in any pre workout made for women. L-Carnitine, raspberry ketones, green tea extract, synephrine, yohimbe, the list goes on.

The Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements For Women

Magnumbest caffeine free pre workout for women Opus Pre Workout

Not everyone loves caffeine. In fact, some people dislike it. For many people too much caffeine can make fluids go straight through them and having to go to the bathroom 17 times a day can be both inconvenient and time consuming. The thing with caffeine is it has a half life of about 6 hours so the effects are not necessarily short lived. There are many caffeine free pre workouts available these days and Magnum Nutraceuticals Opus would have to be one of the best ones. As well as being caffeine free it is also Creatine free which many women like. Creatine is great for increasing muscle mass and it aids in muscle recovery but what many women don’t like about Creatine is that the mechanism by which it helps the muscles is by increasing the amount of water surrounding them. This results in an increase in size which many women aren’t after. For a detailed review please see this post: Magnum Opus Pre Workout Review

If you don’t like Caffeine or Creatine then there are also other Caffeine free pre workouts and Creatine free pre workouts available.

Magnum Opus Pre Workout
If you work out in the evening or are sensitive to nervous system stimulants then do yourself a favor and check out Opus!


The Best Combination Fat Burner and Pre Workouts For Women

Women Only Diva Fat Burner by HIT Supplements

Women Only Diva Fat Burner by HIT Supplements

Women Only Diva Fat Burner by HIT Supplements is easily one of the best combination pre workout/fat burners on the market. It is marketed as a fat burner but gives you the energy of a pre workout. If you would like to find out more, there is a detailed review of this great product in this post: Review – Women Only Diva Fat Burner by HIT Supplements

For complete reviews of other top combination fat burner and pre workout products available please check out this post:

 The Best Pre Workouts for Women’s Weight Loss.

HIT Supplements Diva Fat Burner with Garcinia

The Best Cardio Pre Workouts For Women

Cardio Igniter Pre Workout

While there are a whole heap of healthy honeys who like to pound weights at the gym, there are just as many if not more lovely ladies that are crazy about their cardio. A lot of people don’t take any kind of performance supplement before cardiovascular activities like running as a lot of them increase your heart rate without you even doing anything. You most probably already know this but I feel it important enough to say it again. If you’re doing some sort of cardiovascular exercise like running then the last thing you want is your heart rate going through the roof before you’ve even put your heart rate monitor on. Trust me, you won’t last long and if you’re anything like me you will hate every second of it. Once your heart rate goes too high you will not recover until you have at least a short rest and when you’re running this can really screw up your time! Plus no amount of foundation will make your puffy red face look good unless you’re like my partner in which case you look beautiful all the time 😉

Anyway……….never fear! Pre workout supplements can actually help with cardio. If you have been looking for a pre workout that can enhance your running or cycling type workouts then Cardio Igniter by Top Secret Nutrition is the answer to your prayers. Like the Women Only Diva it is also a combination pre workout and fat burner but it has smaller amounts of the stimulants like caffeine that set your heart racing. Many fat burning ingredients also increase your heart rate but not the ones in Cardio Igniter. Apart from the pre workout staples most of the ingredients are natural or plant derived. Now I’m no botanist but from what I’ve been told the ingredients in this pre workout are nicer to your body than some of the ingredients in some other pre workouts. If you are interested in all natural pre workout supplements then you might enjoy my post about All natural pre workout supplements too.


Top Secret Nutrition Cardio Igniter
Use it for cardio or lifting or both. Try it yourself and see why so many people are raving about it!


The Best Value Pre Workout Supplements for Women

Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre Workout

JustCellucor C4 extreme pre workout because a pre workout is not advertised to be specifically for women does not mean it cannot be taken by women. On the contrary – some of the best and most preferred pre workout supplements used by female body builders, athletes and fitness models are not exclusively for men or women. It seems to be quite common for women to take half a scoop of whatever their partner takes. The couple that supplements together stays together, right!

This is all very well and good for some people, but not every woman

a) has a male partner, who

b) uses a pre workout that they like.

Also, no one likes to share their pre workout. Anyway, this post has gone off topic. So back to the topic at hand, the best value pre workout supplements for women. Many people would say that this is Cellucor C4. My partner loves both the effects (apart from the Beta-Alanine tingles) and the taste of this pre workout. She only takes half a scoop and it does wonders for her. You can find out more about this in my Cellucor C4 pre workout review.

Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre Workout Supplement
One of the best selling pre workout supplements of all time! Try it for yourself and see why!


The Best Pre Workout Supplments for Women

HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme Pre Workout

HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme Pre WorkoutThe HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme Pre Workout is arguably one of, if not the best pre workout currently available for women. As far as pre workouts go, not only is this one of the best ‘specifically for women’ products but it is also up there with the best gender unspecific pre workouts on the market. It’s made from a really high quality formula that contains all the right stuff, and while the standard ‘proprietary blend’ information on the label doesn’t include quantities of the ingredients empirical evidence shows that it is a great ratio. While it does contain creatine it seems to be just enough to help with muscle endurance and reduced recovery times but not enough to hold too much water or ‘bloat’ the muscles. It is definitely more a pre workout than it is a fat burner but it still contains enough ingredients that have fat burning as a secondary effect to cover this base which means there is no need to stack it with a fat burner. This makes it great value too however if you want a really serious fat burning effect from your supplementation then you may want to consider stacking it with a small amount of a pure fat burner.

I have not tried it myself. I’m not a woman and the label explicitly states ‘women only’ 😛 However I have spoken to and read about many many women who have taken this and I have hardly heard a bad thing about it, hence being crowned as one of the best pre workout supplements for women. One of the best anythings is not a title that can be earned by being anything less than super high quality so if you’re a woman (or a rebellious man that doesn’t follow label instructions) looking to get the most from your workout I’d suggest you have a go at this pre workout next time you are after a supplement.

HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme

Bonus – Women’s Ab Workout!


photo credit: Força! via photopin (license)

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12 thoughts on “The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women – Top 5 Supplements For Females

  1. Chris

    Interesting stuff but is there really that much of a difference between female workouts and male – I’m new to this!
    I’ve heard a lot about the various supplements but are they mostly gender based?
    If so what would be your best shot for a newcomer male fitness freak? The same or something slightly different?

    1. admin

      Hi Chris glad you found it interesting. The majority of pre workout supplements are not specifically targeted at either sex but as the science of working out gets more advanced pre workout formulas are getting more specific. Basic differences for the female versions are slightly less of everything, (as the average female is smaller than the average male) and no creatine as this promotes the muscles to hold more water which many women don’t like as it makes them look bigger.

      For a newcomer male it depends on many factors such as your fitness goals, sensitivity to the various ingredients (mainly caffeine though), what type of training you are doing, when you are training, how old you are, etc etc. This post was about ‘the best pre workout for women’, I’ll make one soon titled ‘the best pre workout for men’ which will cover all of the same categories. Please check back!

  2. Marcus

    I am one of those people who doesn’t like caffeine. or one, I don’t like the taste of coffee anyway, but I also don’t like what caffeine does to me. It makes me feel all hyper-stimulated and shaky, and disturbs my sleep.

    I didn’t realise that the half life o caffeine is as long as 8 hours! That certainly explains why it causes sleep problems to so many people. A lot of people drink coffee later in the day, and it’s still in their system by the time they go to bed.

    What are the ingredients of Magnum Opus? And is there a version for men?

    1. admin

      Hi Marcus,

      I don’t like what caffeine does to me either, but I do like the taste so I drink decaf coffee whenever I can.

      Magnum Opus has all sorts of good ingredients in it – I will review it and go through the details in a separate post. Please check back! Oh and it is gender neutral so it is not made specifically for men or women but is suitable for either. It doesn’t contain any creatine though so as a man I’d recommend taking a separate Creatine supplement.

  3. Nura J

    Personally, I find that healthy, well-toned, shapely women with abs and high lifted butts to be the most sexiest! For “There are no ugly women just lazy ones!” The trend is CLEARLY shifting. Gone are the days where women want to be skinny and anorexic. Heck! Even Paris Hilton is body building!
    I’m really glad that there’s a post dedicated to female pre supplements because if you want to achieve the desired shape for YOUR body, you would want a product best suitable for YOU. Just like how you wouldn’t want to use his skincare, you wouldn’t want to share his supplements either as it could cause adverse reactions.
    Sure,couples who share stuffs stay together and I’ve seen how men LOVE to use their partners’ products for the sake of convenience! If he, for some reason, couldn’t read that the best pre workout for women is for “WOMEN ONLY”, he would’ve at least noticed the screaming pink label and know that it’s off limits!

    1. Brad Post author

      Thanks Nura,

      You’re totally right – fit and strong is definitely the new ‘black’! There are so many different pre workouts available now that pretty much anyone can find the right product for their personal fitnss needs.

  4. NemiraB

    Hello Brad, thanks for comprehensive information, provided in your article regarding pre workout supplements. As new Year starts, I have intention go to gym and prepare myself for upcoming spring. Maybe it is a coincidence, but I found your article, which is associated with being in a good shape.
    I wonder if women are not overweight, do they must take these supplements? What kind of influence make these supplements for our bodies? It is okay for heart? As I know caffeine can be to strong for some personalities. Everybody is different. Maybe some precautions must be taken? What do you think?
    Anyway, thanks for great information, which can help us to stay in shape using your recommended products.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Brad Post author

      Hi Nemira,

      Everybody is different so I would advise talking to your doctor if you have any concerns about using a pre workout supplement. I am not qualified to give medical advice unfortunately. In my opinion there is a supplement for everyone that will make it much easier for them to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Good luck!

  5. Benedetto

    What a fantastic article. Hi there I am a guy but super involved in fitness and so I wanted to inform myself on the differences to pre-workouts are between men and women. I must say I didn’t think about the creatine free part of the whole aspect, I can definitely see how women would not want to see the same muscles growth as men. One thing that still is in my mind is the heath aspect of the whole pre-workout thing. I heard a lot that its not the best for your body and I also tried some before from a friend but my wrists started hurting, any advice or any experience with that?

    1. Brad Post author

      Hi Benedetto, I can’t see how a pre workout could make your wrists hurt but it sounds like something you should maybe see a doctor about. Hopefully you’re ok!

  6. Rob

    Intriguing article! I’m a guy that used to swear and live by preworkouts, I’ve taken so many in the past years and some definitely more and less effective than the others. One of the hardest parts about finding a preworkout supplement is doing what you’re doing. Process of elimination. You find some that work and you find some that don’t.

    It can be very frustrating finding a preworkout you love, and these find of reviews definitely help. I know if I had done my research and seen pages like this (for men) I would’ve saved lots of money, time, and probably increased gains.

    I’m sure those women looking for a preworkout product designed for women will appreciate this!! Great post and reviews!


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