The Original Alpha Gx7 Pre Workout Review

By | December 8, 2016

the original alpha gx7 pre workout reviewOne of the hottest pre workout supplements getting around right now is Gx7 by The Original Alpha. With so many different pre workout powders lining the shelves of supplement stores these days, it takes something a bit extra to stand out from the pack. Does The Original Alpha’s Gx7 pre workout drink have that something extra? Does it deserve its recent popularity, or is it just due to clever marketing and advertising? In the following article I aim to answer these questions and more. To achieve this I will present a detailed review of The Original Alpha’s Gx7 pre workout supplement covering the ingredients, taste, smell, performance characteristics, and also investigate any side effects.

What Does The Original Alpha Say About Gx7?

Of course you would expect the manufacturer of a product to be somewhat biased in the way they describe their product, and in the case of The Original Alpha and the Gx7 pre workout this holds true. You would also expect them to make some pretty extravagant claims regarding its performance, and surprise surprise this is true as well. The first line of the product description on their website reads “Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout is the highest quality pre-workout supplement powder that you will find available anywhere”. That is a pretty big claim – in this review I aim to determine whether it is legit. As you would expect they really talk it up, a few of the other claims from the website are:


So read on to see whether the evidence backs up their claims, or are they just talking smack?

What Do Amazon Customers Say About Gx7?

gx7 pre workout supplementOne good way to find out what any product is really like is talk to people who have used it. Now that we have Amazon, it can often be really helpful to read through some of the customer reviews to see what people think. Rather than hassling everyone at my gym in the hopes of finding someone who has used this preworkout, I decided to jump on my computer and check out the customer reviews on Amazon.

If you couldn’t be bothered then today is your lucky day, I will summarize what I thought were common positive and negative comments.

Positive Comments:

  • Great pump
  • Strong energy
  • Long lasting
  • Nice taste
  • Mixes well
  • Not a bad crash

Positive reviews from Amazon

Negative Comments:

  • Makes some people anxious
  • Concerns over Yohimbe HCl
  • Didn’t mix fully
  • Too strong
  • Too weak

Critical reviews from Amazon

So as you can see, you have to try and look at the bigger picture and realize that everybody has a different opinion. No matter how good something is, there will always be people that hate it, and no matter how bad something is, there will always be someone who loves it. Gotta love being a human, right?!

When I looked there were something like 450 positive reviews and about 20 negative reviews, so I felt like it was going to be good.

My Gx7 Pre Workout Supplement Review

So based on the description and claims made by The Original Alpha, Gx7 is the best pre workout in history. Ever. However we know that this point of view is very biased and should be taken with a grain of salt. We can also consider the customer reviews from Amazon and without even reading them we can infer that it is a good product, based solely on the ratio of good reviews to bad reviews. We can also dig deeper into the comments and start reading people’s individual comments, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! So now I’ll just go through the ingredients.


the original alpha gx7 pre workout ingredients

First off, it is great to see the ingredients and their dosages listed clearly on the label. So many products hide behind their ‘proprietary blends’ that have all sorts of creatively deceptive names. Ultra mega hyper strength matrix, super ultimate energy concentrator, hyperbolic flux capacitor…….etc etc. Many people including myself like to know what they are putting into their body and how much, and for me this transparent labeling gets bonus points.
The first ingredient, Niacin is a B group vitamin that brings a host of benefits and is said to work synergistically with many of the other ingredients to maximize their effects. This ingredients list is off to a strong start. Of course we would expect to see a decent amount of Beta Alanine and while 2000mg is not going to make your face explode, it should be sufficient for a bit of a tingle if you don’t have a huge tolerance. It is worth noting that because it is delivered in the form of CarnoSyn, it is more effective than straight Beta Alanine and will affect your body as if it is actually more than 2000mg.

gx7 pre workout ingredientsNext we have 1500mg of Arginine and also 1500mg Citrulline Malate to help you get your pump on. While studies have shown that a clinically effective dose of Citrulline Malate is between 4 and 10 grams, other studies have shown that Arginine and Citrulline work together synergistically and when used together they boost the effectiveness of the other so this combo should give a nice pump. I wouldn’t worry about my veins bursting or anything but would definitely expect a boost. For pre workouts focused on maximizing pump, check here: Best Pre Workouts For Maximizing Pump

The rest of the ingredients I would classify as energy booster/stimulants/nootropics and fat burning. L-Carnitine is a well known fat burner and metabolism booster and 750mg is a decent dose of it, especially when combined with the other ingredients here. Mucuna L-Dopa (also known as Mucuna Pruriens) is a nootropic said to boost attention, alertness and focus. We all know about Taurine and Caffeine and how they boost energy and metabolism. I don’t like too much caffeine and 250mg is a good dosage. there are plenty of caffeine-free pre workouts available too if you’re interested.

Theobromine is the feel good component found naturally in chocolate which also helps with mood and metabolism. Also included is Yohimbe HCl. This is a popular fat burner which is controversial to some people because it has been linked to anxiety and depression when taken in high doses but 3mg is a relatively low dose so this doesn’t concern me.

Taste & Smell

So this is one area where Gx7 pre workout really hits a home run. Both the blue raspberry and also the watermelon flavors are delicious, though my pick is definitely the blue raspberry! It smells delicious too and doesn’t have that chemically smell that you sometimes get with the watermelon flavors of other products.

Side Effects

original alpha gx7 side effectsApart from beast energy and motivation leading to a massive workout that leaves you extremely swollen, I don’t know of any side effects particular to this pre workout. As with all products that contain stimulants, you should be careful especially if you have any heart conditions. I would advise consulting your doctor before taking any type of supplement but if you’re an experienced pre workout user then just follow the instructions on the label and be careful.

Who Should Use This Pre Workout?

I would recommend this product for intermediate pre workout users that are looking for something to get them going. I would say that this product is a good all round pre workout but the energy, fat burning and mental components of it just outweigh the physical performance boosts, so it would be best for someone whose main concern is energy and motivation.

The Original Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Review – Summary

the original alpha gx7 pre workout review summarySo there is a lot of information presented above but I will try to summarize my review in a few dot points:

  • Strong Energy and Motivation
  • Decent pump
  • Great taste and smell
  • Effective thermogenic

All in all I think this is a good pre workout supplement and if it sounds like what you’re after then give it a try! Check prices on Amazon here

Bonus Workout Fails Video

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2 thoughts on “The Original Alpha Gx7 Pre Workout Review

  1. Kevin McNamara

    Great review,

    So many pre workout, post workout, during workout mixes around it is so hard to keep up! Haha!

    Thats why sites like yours are so handy. I like that all the ingredients are listed on the packaging. I really like to know what is going into my body.

    If I don’t know what something is I will research it. I need energy so from your review this sounds like good stuff. I will give it a try,

    Thanks, Kev


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