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Hi! My name’s Brad. I work as an engineer and for fun I train, run, surf, play in a band, play tennis and have recently started dancing. Most of my hobbies are physical so it is important for me to maximize the results I get from training, to try and compensate for sitting at a desk every day at work. A few years ago I realized that pre workout supplements could help me do this. I started this page because I found the process of choosing a pre workout supplement to be really difficult and stressful. Having gone through this pain, the altruist in me decided to post some of my and others’ experiences in order to make this process less difficult for anyone else facing this daunting task.

My story

Having decided to try some pre workout I sought advice from a few friends and a bunch of people at the gym and was horrified when almost all of them had exclusively different opinions! There seemed to be so many different ingredients in so many different ratios and combinations and it was all a little overwhelming to be honest. Nevertheless, I had decided that I wanted to give it a try so I went down to the local supplement shop and spoke to the guy there. “I should ask him what he uses and just get that” I thought, as whatever he did was certainly working – he was absolutely massive and super lean – there were veins popping out of his veins! So I asked him what he used and he spent the next 15 minutes explaining what he used and how much of each and when he took it and how long the cycles were and so on and so on…

At this point I was completely overwhelmed and almost ready to give up. I think he sensed that and fearing a lost customer he offered “this one is the most popular at the moment, and a lot of people seem to be coming back and getting more so it must be good.” That sounded good to me, so out I went with that one. (It was D-Stunner, you can read about it in the reviews section if you like)

This was the very beginning of my journey through the world of pre workout supplements. Since then I have learned a lot, both from my own experiences and also from hearing/reading about the experiences of others. My aim is to share this information in an easy to digest format through this site. I am somewhat time poor as I try to do more than I really should so I don’t update this page every day; but I do make an effort to keep it up to date with any new developments in this space. If you made it to here – thanks for reading! I hope you get something out of this site.



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  1. Bonnie

    What an informative site! WOW! I can tell that you really want to help people. Keep up the fantastic work!


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