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A collection of the best workouts to help women of all shapes and sizes get the body they want.

5 Of The Best Arm Exercises For Women

The arms are an important area for women to maintain muscle tone and firm skin. Whether you aim to have guns reminiscent of the US army or simply want to look good in a singlet or sleeveless dress, you need to do at least a little bit of resistance training to really get those arms… Read More »

Exercise Ball Workouts for Women

Exercise balls are a very useful tool to help you burn calories, improve muscle tone and they are really good for boosting your core strength. They are often called stability balls and this is because they are inherently unstable, so workouts where you are partially supported by them are really effective at engaging your core… Read More »

The Best Ab Exercises For Women

In ye olden times a fuller figure was desirable by many women as it signified a higher societal status, but these days it seems most women would happily trade all the firemen/women in the world for a set of visible abs. Many men can achieve visible abs purely by maintaining a very low body fat percentage, regardless… Read More »

The Best New Butt Workouts For Women

Would you rather have buns of steel or buns of jelly? Stupid question, right? Everyone wants to have a toned and shapely derriere and for fitness models and modern day celebs a nice round bottom is a status symbol. Both men and women are obsessed with ogling everybody’s rear compartment, however in today’s society the emphasis is… Read More »