The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women’s Weight Loss

By | July 23, 2015

Forbest pre workout for womens weight loss most people, the task of losing weight is both unpleasant and difficult. And unfortunately for anyone faced with this onerous task, this is generally the best case scenario. At worst it can be described as a torturous hell where you are constantly hangry, are more tired than a new parent with a sick baby and more irritable than a pack a day smoker at the end of a 15 hour flight. There are several reasons for these feelings, the main one being the calorie deficit that needs to be maintained if you are to be successful in your attempt to lose weight. Maintaining a calorie deficit (consuming less energy than you use) generally involves eating less than one would like and potentially doing more exercise than one would like as well. The exercise does not pose a huge problem, especially for those (such as myself) who enjoy exercise and the many benefits that it brings. The restricted calorie intake on the other hand, is something that nobody enjoys. We will see that pre workout supplements designed for weight loss can make this a bit easier. To eat less than you want to requires serious motivation and discipline for 2 reasons:

  1. Because it generally means resisting the tasty treats that surround us every step of our modern lives, and
  2. Because we are going against our in built animal instinct of supplying our body with fuel.

While this seems like a huge and difficult hill to climb, it is actually not that bad. There are many tools and tips that can make this a lot easier, and one of them is a fat burning pre workout supplement. This type of supplement (a pre workout for losing weight) helps with the two critical parts of weight loss – exercising more (at a higher intensity), and eating less. Let’s just explore these two things a bit more.

Pre Workout For Weight Loss – Exercising More

pre workout for weight lossAt first glance this seems simple yeah – just do more exercise. That is true, but when you are maintaining a calorie deficit it is easier said than done. Most people faced with a calorie deficit are generally characterized by being hungry and tired. When you are hungry and tired all the time it can really start to get you down and make leaving the house seem like a much bigger deal than it is, especially if it’s cold. But never fear – with a bit of positive thinking and some extra assistance (think pre workout) even the most cozy couch dweller can get outside or to the gym and start melting those pesky pounds off right away.

Think positive

When you weigh up the pros and cons of sitting on the couch versus getting outside or to the gym and doing some exercise it quickly becomes apparent that exercising is by far the better choice. Now everyone knows that already, but what we need to do is really think about and visualize the actual benefits we will experience.

  1. Bigger calorie deficit. If you eat the same amount as you were going to that day and then do some exercise you are increasing the calorie deficit and in turn you will lose more weight.
  2. Less misery. By exercising for an hour that is one less hour of sitting around which equates to less time that you to have to resist eating for.
  3. Endorphins. Exercising makes your brain release endorphins that make you feel good and if you are an emotional eater then this will also reduce your urge to eat.
  4. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As long as you don’t die, you will be a stronger and healthier person after your exercise.
  5. You look better. Getting your heart rate up and hence increasing blood flow has been shown to improve the look of your skin.
  6. Bragging rights. After working up a sweat you’ve earned the right to upload a bunch of selfies with all sorts of #health and #fitness hash tags.
  7. Longer life. By exercising regularly you are increasing both the length and quality of your life.
  8. More fulfilling life. We are not here for that long, really. So get out and make the most of it!

Now that you’re motivated, get the most out of your workout

This is where the pre workout comes in – sure you’ll get all the benefits discussed above from going and doing some exercise but we all have busy lives and want to get the most reward for the least work, yeah? In this situation pre workout drinks are your friend. To me it is a no brainer – do I want to work out for 30 minutes at 50% intensity or do I want to smash some pre workout and work out for 30 minutes at a much higher intensity, all with the same perceived effort. Pre workout is the lazy person’s way to exercise like a maniac. If it wasn’t for pre workout drinks I would probably exercise half as much as I do.

Moral of the story: Taking a pre workout supplement will help you lose weight by making it easier for you to exercise more often at a higher intensity.

Pre Workout For Weight Loss – Eating less

Do Not ‘Diet’

Dieting, watching what you eat, cutting, fasting, eating lesseat lesswhatever you want to call it – would definitely have to be the worst thing about losing weight. Well I don’t think it’s actually that bad but the concept of dieting makes it seem much worse than it is. I mean there are a whole heap of negative associations with the word diet. The worst one is that we are depriving ourselves. Most people are bound to fail – it is human nature. The more we are not meant to have something the more we want it. So when we tell ourselves we’re dieting what we’re actually saying to ourselves is that we are having to deprive ourselves of things we want (food) and this makes it really hard. I have enough difficult things in my life so I don’t want a basic thing that I do several times every day like eating to be any harder or more complicated than it has to be. I think most people feel the same. It is easier to lessen the urge to eat than it is to resist it. This is where the second benefit of pre workouts for weight loss comes into play.

Appetite Suppression

One of the best things about the pre workout drinks listed below is the appetite suppressing qualities they have. Anyone that has done a lot of running or swimming (or any sustained cardio for that matter) will attest to the fact that prolonged cardiovascular exercise makes you hungrier than usual. Now this has the potential to really screw up your plans to maintain a calorie deficit. I find it interesting that many people, when they start exercising more in a bid to lose weight, actually gain weight .


Basically, when you exercise more you get hungrier and end up eating more and before you know it you’ve blown your calorie deficit out the window. So it is very handy that one of the effects that all of these top pre workouts have is that they suppress your appetite. So not only do you avoid the appetite increase that is usually associated with increased activity but you actually lessen your appetite. Win-win!

Moral of the story: Taking a pre workout supplement that contains fat burners will help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and making it far easier for you to eat less.


So without further ado I present:

The Top 5 Pre Workout Supplements For Women’s Weight Loss

Listed below are what can arguably (in this humble author’s opinion) be described as the top 5 pre workout supplements to help with women’s weight loss. Please remember that while I am very knowledgeable in the fields of fitness and pre workout supplements, I am not a doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice. This article is my opinion only and you should consult a health professional before considering any supplementation.


Gym Vixen Sexy Charged

Gym Vixen Sexy Charged Pre Workout review

IfGym Vixen Sexy Charged you are new to pre workouts and fat burners then this is the product for you. It is specifically designed for women which is important if you are a woman that hasn’t used supplements before. Some of them (especially the thermogenic fat burners) can be very strong and have unwanted effects on the new user, like increased heart rate and jitters. This is a perfect introduction to pre workout drinks as it is relatively mild. I say relatively as it will still get your metabolism going, give you a solid boost of energy and get your blood pumping but it will not blow your head off like some of the other products on the market.

Gym Vixen Sexy Charged Ingredients

One thing that sets this product apart is that all the key ingredients including the amounts are clearly listed on the label. Most pre workouts will list them as their ‘proprietary blend’ so you don’t really know how much of each ingredient is really in it.Gym Vixen Sexy Charged IngredientsThe fact that this drink contains a healthy dose of B group vitamins is a huge plus for it. 1 scoop would be sufficient for a new user, though you could easily increase this to 2 when you want to really smash out a huge workout. It has all the necessary components:

  • Pump: 1000mg of L-Citrulline will increase nitric oxide get your blood flowing
  • Focus: 500mg of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is enough to get your muscles working on the task at hand
  • Energy: 125mg of caffeine will get you going without giving you a heart attack. The 250mg in 2 scoops is still less than some of the stronger pre workouts have in 1 scoop
  • Mood: 250mg of PEA (mood enhancer) will have you whistling as you walk into the gym and blissfully exhausted on your way out.
Gym Vixen Sexy Charged
Gym Vixen know that women are made differently to men and their products reflect that. See for yourself!


Gym Vixen Sexy Ripped fat burner

Gym Vixen make a lot of great products and while not strictly a pre workout the Gym Vixen Sexy Ripped fat burner capsules are a fantastic product for women looking for a bit of help to lose weight. This fat burner can be particularly useful for helping shed those last few pounds!

Gym Vixen Sexy Ripped fat burner caps
Some people have reported seeing results after only one week of use!


NLA For Her Uplift

NLA For Her Uplift Pre Workout Review

ThisNLA for her uplift pre workout review is a very popular women’s pre workout and it can certainly help you get the most from your workout. It is designed specially for women and is intended to get your estrogen engine racing. It is much stronger than the Gym Vixen product reviewed above and is more aimed at someone who has used pre workouts before. This is a pre workout for women who are serious about getting ripped and has no Creatine. Many women dislike Creatine due to the way it causes your muscles to hold more water. This is actually a helpful thing for muscle endurance and speed of muscle recovery but in the case of Uplift pre workout there are plenty of other ingredients performing these functions. Speaking of ingredients…….

NLA For Her Uplift Ingredients

NLA for her ingredients


You may have noticed that there are 10 calories in a serve of this workout juice – don’t worry about those 10 calories because with the extra energy and motivation you will have after drinking this you will burn off plenty more than those 10 calories! The ingredients in this compare to a high performance men’s supplement so make no mistake – this can really help you if you want to build muscle and lose weight.

  • Lean Muscle Matrix: This has all the ingredients you could possibly want in a pre workout and more!
  • Energy Matrix: All the right stuff to get you going and the number of different components mean that there is not enough of any of them to cause that dreaded post gym crash .
  • Nootropic Brain and Body Matrix: Nootropics are a class of substance that are reported to improve cognitive function so not only will you be the hardest training but you may also be the smartest person in the gym after taking this! This is one of the few pre workout drinks with a nootropic component and it won’t be long before others follow suit.
  • Uplift flavouring: This drink is purported to actually taste great which is surprising considering the ingredients. The only thing listed here is Citric Acid but there is also an other ingredients section on the label which includes ‘natural and artificial flavours’ so I guess there is some strong flavoring which makes it more pleasant to swallow.
NLA For Her Uplift
For fat burning, extra energy and improved workouts you should try Uplift. Give it a go and see for yourself!


Fitmiss Ignite

Fitmiss Ignite Pre Workout Review

Thisfitmiss ignite pre workout one really is a top quality women’s pre workout and energy booster. One of the coolest things about this (in my opinion) is the packaging. Rather than one big tub of powder this comes in single serve stick packs. I mostly have my pre workout drinks at home but from time to time I have to take it somewhere other than at home and this can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re on the go. These single serve packs are super handy and perfect for the lively lady who wants to pop a stick in her bag or purse and take it when they’re out and about.

Fitmiss Ignite Ingredients

fitmiss ignite ingredients

The ingredient listing on the label of Fitmiss Ignite pre workout does not really tell us anything special other than that it contains the fundamental components that are essential to any pre workout and a few token special ingredients. What we can say for sure is that it contains Carnosyn which is a more refined and higher quality form of Beta-Alanine. That’s a good thing. It also has a good mix of energy boosters – caffeine, taurine etc and then it has L-Carnitine et al for fat burning. This is not going to blow your head off with 1 serve but is a solid all round good quality pre workout.

Fitmiss Ignite Women's Pre-Workout
Talk about convenient! The little packets make it so much easier to have your pre workout wherever you are. Try it for yourself!


Sexy-Strong Fuel

Sexy-Strong Fuel Pre Workout Review

sexy strong fuel pre workoutIf I had to choose only 1 pre workout as the best supplement for women’s weight loss then Sexy-Strong Fuel pre workout drink would be it. This is a serious fitness supplement for elite female sportspeople, athletes and fitness models. It’s a banging formula that really has a lot going for it. If it only had some Creatine in it then I think it might even be better than most of the men’s pre workout supplements on the market too! The fact that the ingredients and their quantities are clearly displayed sets it apart and well above most of the competition. This is not for the pre workout newbie though – there is plenty of Carnosyn in there so even a seasoned pre workout fiend will be getting all sorts of tingles up in their face after a serve of this bad girl.

Sexy-Strong Fuel Pre Workout Ingredients

sexy-strong fuel pre workout ingredients
There is no real need to say anything about the ingredients in this supplement – they are clearly displayed on the label and speak for themselves. This mixture has all the pump, energy, focus and fat burning/metabolism enhancing properties of the previous products and throws in things like L-Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Leucine for advanced muscle protection and recovery. If you’re serious about pushing your body to the limits while looking after it like a newborn then this is for you!

Sexy-Strong Fuel, Creatine & Stimulant-Free Women's Workout
People love this product for the taste, the energy and performance boost and for the enhanced recovery. Try it for yourself and see why!

Once you get your supplementation sorted and are motivated to work out like a maniac then you may find some of these workout routines for women useful.

If weight loss is not your goal but you are still interested in pre workouts you may find this post interesting:

The Best Pre Workout Supplements For Women of 2015 – Top 5 Supplements For Females


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10 thoughts on “The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women’s Weight Loss

  1. Bea SAHDiva

    Wow, you really know your stuff. That’s exactly how I feel after a hard day of work, and then gym. My best friend has to nearly peel me off the couch once I get comfortable. I think I may further my research on taking a pre workout supplement. I’ve never tried it but very interested all of a sudden. Thanks alot.

  2. Emmanuel

    In as much as I agree with you on the diet advertised on tv I am also skeptical about these pre-workout supplements. I think they will have side effects no matter what. I may have to stick with the positive thinking stuff. Could you suggest natural or organic substitutes to these supplements you recommended?

    1. Brad Post author

      Hi Emmanuel,

      I think that is a great message, to “avoid any food that has a tv commercial”, I’m glad you agree. There are several pre workout supplements that contain only natural products on the market and there are also many natural foods that can help boost your workouts. The posts below provide natural alternatives to pre workout supplements. I hope they can help you find what you’re looking for!

      All natural pre workout supplements

      Vegan pre workout supplements

      Natural testosterone boosters

  3. Bob

    I couldn’t agree more with the ever so often feel of being “hangry” when I’m on a restricted diet. For me and my girlfriend, the first couple of weeks aren’t too bad but once we start eating low calorie foods every single week we start to feel very sluggish and unmotivated at times to hit the gym. These are definitely some pre workouts I should let her checkout.

    1. Brad Post author

      Good idea Bob – anything that makes it easier to get to the gym is a good thing in my opinion!


    Love this post… I love my food – so much so that I motivate myself to exercise just so I can eat what I like!! 😛 I didn’t even realise products existed to help with energy pre-workout! I’m currently training for a marathon, so I guess this could be really useful – particularly on my longer runs each week!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Brad Post author

      Thanks for your comments and good luck with the marathon!

  5. Gina

    I love the term hangry haha.
    I used to take pre workout supplements but I found they made me too jittery to function correctly at the gym. It was more of a head spinning thing than a boost while working out. I’ve heard a lot about NLA for her.
    Are these products in order from which you believe to be the best (being #1?)

    1. Brad Post author

      Thanks Gina, if you ever want to give pre workouts another go I suggest you try taking smaller doses and you will hopefully avoid the unpleasant jitters you mentioned. Yes #1 is the best in my opinion. Happy training!


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