Performix ION Pre Workout Review

The Performix ION pre workout supplement is one of the new generation of pre workout products and is rapidly gaining popularity among both new and experienced pre workout users. While not exactly the new kid on the block, it is still relatively new to most people, and many have never heard of it. Much like Jack3D… Read More »

The Best Cardio Machines for Weight Loss

I see and hear so many people asking what the best cardio machines for weight loss are. People spend hours arguing about it in the fitness subreddit. Unfortunately there is no one simple answer to this, it entirely depends on many factors that are specific to each person’s individual circumstances. Most machines are suitable for most… Read More »

Exercise Ball Workouts for Women

Exercise balls are a very useful tool to help you burn calories, improve muscle tone and they are really good for boosting your core strength. They are often called stability balls and this is because they are inherently unstable, so workouts where you are partially supported by them are really effective at engaging your core… Read More »